What TA-SK is

Compression technology for faster recovery

TA-SK is the technological garment that helps your muscles recover from microtraumas with no effort thanks to the advanced compression technology, which boosts the oxygenation of muscles, acting in a localized way and speeding up the recovery process.


Comfort, functionality, performance

  • Special fabric composed of elastomers that provides both elasticity and tear resistance.
  • Shuttle fabric for maximum breathability and elasticity in the long run.
  • Unaltered compression capacity over time and resistance to deformation even after many uses and washings.
  • Differentiated compression: different pressures depending on the type of muscle, to act on even the deepest muscles and ensure optimal recovery.
  • Innovative heat-sealing technology and complete absence of visible seams: TA-SK is comfortable to wear and fits your body like a second skin.
  • Perfect fit thanks to the silicone bands, the lower and upper one, which act without constrictions and avoid uncomfortable sliding during movement.
  • Special applied fabric strips awrap around the muscles to ensure a restrained and supportive feel.



Excellent Made in Italy design

  • Resulting from research studies not only in the medical field, but also in design.
  • The result of Punto Azzurro's long experience in the production of high quality technical sportswear.
  • Black quality fabric with blue inserts, and attractive lines, make TA-SK a modern, unisex garment you can wear every day.
  • Minimal thickness (0,08mm) and comfortable fit, like a second skin: TA-SK is perfect for everyday use, under work clothes or casual wear.
  • Available in a variety of sizes for maximum comfort and proper muscle compression


Suitable for

A solution for everybody


The professional athlete

The professional athlete

Sport at a competitive level implies a constant work of strengthening, toning, and stretching of muscles, to obtain higher and higher performances. Subjecting muscles to continuous stress without recovery time can lead to the risk of injury in the short or long term and the occurrence of injuries due to underestimated micro-trauma.
The use of TA-SK allows for faster recovery from muscle trauma and a reduction in the risk of future injuries, ensuring continuity in training.


The sportsman

The sportsman

Regular physical activity involves periodic stress on muscles. The frequent practice of sports or physical activity should not underestimate the risk of incurring muscular trauma due to exceptional efforts. The adrenaline and the competitive spirit are excellent allies that can however have negative implications, forcing the momentary interruption of sports habits.
The use of TA-SK allows a faster recovery from the muscular trauma to train with renewed energy.


The amateur

The amateur

If you are new to sport or physical activity, or after a long period of inactivity, you are likely to experience muscle injuries due to abnormal stresses on your muscles. Pain and long periods of forced rest can be demotivating factors to return to physical activity.
The use of TA-SK allows for faster recovery from muscle injury, so you can restart physical activity with new energy and initiative.

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