The project

The concept


The idea of a compression band for passive muscle recovery came from an intuition of Roberto Loda, CEO of Punto Azzurro, an Italian company specialized in the production and sale of high quality technical sportswear.

The close connection with the world of athletes and their needs led the company to develop a compression band to optimize the time and way of muscle recovery, offering greater reliability and higher levels of performance than those already on the market.


The project


In order to develop the project properly, Punto Azzurro, in partnership with Macpi SpA and CSMT, gets funding from Regione Lombardia with European Union funds for research, development and innovation in the field of Smart & Fashion Design.

Thus, an R&D project was born to analyze the most common traumas in sports, to study new materials and obtain garments with differentiated compressions. The project, called "TA-SK Talking Skin", leads to the development of some prototypes equipped with integrated sensors, to record and monitor the progress of the patient's treatment through a connection with technological devices.

The garments made during the project are tested in laboratory and prove to be able to recreate the elastic-compressive bandage made by physiotherapy staff, making passive recovery after trauma more effective and faster, and with the ability to track the progress of the treatment. The project gives life to an innovative product, unique on the market, already in the version without sensors: a rehabilitation garment dedicated to athletes and sportsmen at all levels.

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