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You will never miss a workout again

Wear TA-SK throughout the day: acting passively, it supports muscle recovery from physical activity!
And you are always ready for your next workout.



TA-SK is designed to make post-injury recovery more efficient and faster. The compression works on the muscles, speeding up the reabsorption of edema and helping the tissue reconstruction after physical activity stress.

TA-SK is created with a high performance fabric, 100% made in Italy, that can provide adequate compression and maximum breathability. The fabric fits the body like a second skin: it is seamless and ensures maximum comfort even during prolonged use.




Take full advantage of muscle compression benefits

Muscle compression is the main cure for muscle trauma, as it improves physical recovery helping the outflow of fluids that may cause swelling.

With TA-SK you have all the benefits of muscular compression in a comfortable and functional garment with no loss of performance over time.


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